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Welcome to 420Electric.com, where your safely wired growing facility is our number one priority. With twenty years experience as an electrical contractor in the State of California, Baran Galocy, the owner of 420 Electric, brings you his knowledge and professionalism. As a self-medicating medical marijuana patient since 1977, Baran brings compassion and discretion to his superior service and installation. So . . . you want to grow? We can help!

We will design the electrical distribution system for your installation, help you to properly install your own design as a consultant, or inspect your existing system for code compliance and safety violations. We can also help automate your grow from a standard computer.

From wiring and installation to automation and security, 420 Electric has you covered. We travel anywhere in California. Stay tuned for our website-based real-time surveillance demonstration system. Wireless and hard-wired technology to keep your grow secure.

Visit HelioElectric.com, our sister website, dedicated to grow room automation and security.

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