Wiring a grow room requires more than knowing the location of your closest Lowe's or Home Depot. A properly wired grow room reflects a knowledge of building codes,  voltage-drops and Ohm's Law calculations, circuit breaker ratings and limitations, conduit restrictions and allowances, as well as an ability to locically and methodically layout, document, and diagram the components in a manner acceptable to, and compliant with, local building codes and regulations.


Baran has twenty years of experience working with building departments and building inspectors, and a local history of professional and code-compliant installations in the Redding and Shasta County, CA area. He is best known by local building inspectors for his past ten years of photovoltaic grid-tied solar installations around Shasta County, CA.


You may click onto the following links to get a sense of that which is involved in designing and retrofitting a legal and code-compliant growing facility. Wiring diagrams, spec sheets, load calculations, and schematics are just some of the many requirements of a code-compliant grow room. 420Electric brings professional and discreet wiring services to compassionate-care providers and home growers. We also upgrade existing rooms for computer automation, and control and security features available anywhere Internet services are provided.


Typical Schematic

Example of Load Calculations

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