Three words - Experience, Discretion, & Innovation! 420Electric is brought to you by Baran Galocy, who founded Live Wire Electric in 1991. He changed the company name to HelioElectric in 2000 to better reflect the company's goal of designing and installing grid-tied and off-grid photovoltaic generators. In 2003, HelioElectric incorporated and remained in business until economic changes in 2008 slowed the industry to a virtual standstill. You can see a slideshow of HelioElectric installations by clicking here.


Baran learned web site design and walk-out video techniques in 2009 and has been applying those skills ever since with an advocational interest. With the new world of code-compliant growing rooms and building inspections by city officials, Baran decided to return to the electric services industry as 420Electric, bringing together off-grid power generation technologies, NABCEP-Certified installation techniques, web design and remote Internet control and monitoring technologies, along with a lifetime of self-medicating to control a "hyperactive attention disorder". Baran is a former MENSA member and offers creative solutions to electrical wiring and design. He is best known by most of the Redding collectives as a web site designer and former NorCal CaNORML facilitator.


Whether you want your current grow room inspected for safety and/or code compliance, consulting work with a grow room project of your own, or a full-scale design and installation from the ground up, 420Electric will bring you the power you need, safely and discreetly, to provide energy for every aspect of your growing environment. Baran holds a current medical marijuana recommendation and Patient Identification Card, has been a licensed C-10 electrician for 21 years, a NABCEP Certified PV designer and installer since 2006, and has installed over sixty grid-tied and off-grid renewable energy systems in the Shasta County area. He now brings his knowledge and discretion to the growing compassionate care and medical marijuana community.


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